Event Assets Guidelines

Logos should be delivered as a .SVG file with no padding or background. Please submit a wide aspect ratio logo and not a tall or square logo.

PNG Files with a transparent background and no extra spacing can be used as an alternative, but .SVG is preferred.

The site is designed to keep logos uniform in size when provided proper files.

.SVG No Padding - Correct / Preferred

.SVG No Padding - Correct / Preferred

.JPG with Padding - Incorrect Format

.JPG with Padding - Incorrect Format

Incorrect aspect ratio / too tall - Incorrect Format

Event images should be no larger than 400KB in file size and maximum 2000 pixels wide at 72dpi resolution. A well optimized image should look nice even at sizes around 200KB as shown above.

Starting with a high resolution image and then making an optimized image is the best practice. Making a small image larger will not provide a better quality.

If you are not sure what this means, ask your design team. If you would like us to optimize your images, please send a file 1-2MB in size.

Primary event images should be delivered in a horizontal aspect ratio. The site will automatically mask the images to fit in the space provided.

Secondary images should also be well optimized, but can be any aspect ratio.