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Buy a drink and join us for a cuppa and a catch up!

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We are inviting you to join our Community Cafés

Do you live on your own, are you far from your family or do your work from home?

Our Community Cafés are a chance to meet new people in your local community and everyone is welcome. Having a chat is proven to brighten people's days so why don't you pop along and say hi?

We know it can be daunting turning up somewhere new where you might not know anyone. To help put you at ease each Community Café will have a friendly host to welcome you and help you get involved in any conversations going on. There won't be any leading of the conversations and there are no themes or agendas in place.

We're sure it goes without saying but remember to be kind. Like we've said above, turning up somewhere new can be daunting and some people may be feeling anxious or apprehensive so a warm welcome will be appreciated! After all, our Community Cafés are about connections and feeding into our purpose.

Terms and conditions

Anyone is welcome to attend a Community Café

Any food or drinks to be consumed should be purchased from the café hospitality team

Community Cafés will have a lead Partner present for 1 hour of the event, but feel free to stay a bit longer if you’re having a nice time connecting with people

Remember to be kind to each other and your host

Please note Terms and Conditions apply

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