Become a cocktail expert in your own home! Join 10 of the world's leading spirit brands who will show you how in 5 sessions over 2 days.

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Aperitivo masterclass with Malfy gin and Italicus liqueur

When - Friday 6th August

Time - 18:00 for 45 minutes

Location - Your Home

Discover the long history behind the celebrated aperitivo and learn how to create mouth-watering cocktails to kickstart your evening.

An essential part of Italian culture, the aperitivo has gained popularity in the UK over recent years as a way of easing into the evening in style after a long day. In this 45-minute virtual masterclass run by Waitrose & Partners, host Simon Hodgson will share the history behind the aperitivo and show you how to create delicious cocktails using Malfy gin and Italicus liqueur.

An ambassador for all things gin, Leeds-born Simon Hodgson has built an inimitable career as an Activation Specialist with Pernod-Ricard. Mostly recently, Simon has been turning ordinary Britons into expert home bartenders through the magic of the internet and has worked with Dirty Martini to teach 2000 of their most dedicated followers the secrets to some of their most popular drinks. World-renowned for creating tasty cocktails, Simon looks forward to sharing some of his favourite aperitivo-style drinks with you. Saluti!

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An introduction to Rum and Whisky with Duppy Share and Starward Left-Field Whisky

When - Friday 6th August

Time - 20:00 for 60 minutes

Location - Your Home

Taste the Caribbean – a rum cocktail masterclass with The Duppy Share

Discover the ancient history behind award-winning The Duppy Share rum and learn how to make its tropical-inspired cocktails in this fun-filled virtual cocktail evening.

In the Caribbean, folklore suggests that mischievous shape-shifting spirits called Duppies, travel from island to island and swoop down and steal only the finest rum to fuel their crazy parties. Founded in Notting Hill, London but inspired by the magic of the tropics, The Duppy Share transports you to the warmth, fun, beauty and excitement of the Caribbean, where days are chilled and the nights are yours for the taking. Follow along live and discover the history behind The Duppy Share’s award-winning nectar. Then, host Bruce Ritchie will show you how to make your own cocktail using The Duppy Share’s Caribbean Rum — a prestigious blend of a three-year old 100% Pot Still rum from Jamaica’s Worthy Park Estate and a five-year old 100% Column Still rum from the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, adding a tasty mix of tropical fruit and subtle oak flavours to your favourite tipple.

The Duppy Share’s Head of Sales, Bruce Ritchie will take you through the world of rum and teach you how to make some delicious Duppy drinks. WSET qualified and working in the trade for the last seven years, Bruce has always found an excuse to be in the pub instead of the office and has amassed a wealth of random trivia for all things alcohol-related.

An introduction to Starward Left-Field whisky, with Callum Rixson

Join Starward’s UK Brand Ambassador, Callum Rixson in this virtual session as he introduces Starward Left-Field single malt whisky, a juicy delicious whisky from Melbourne, Australia.

Italian-Australian David Vitale created Starward’s distillery with a simple vision: to create a distinctly Australian whisky to offer the world with pride. Now available at Waitrose & Partners, Starward’s Left-Field whisky takes single malt tradition and adds a twist of innovation through the use of local Australian ingredients and French oak red wine barrels.

Sourced from Australia’s famed wine regions, the French oak red wine barrels give a rich and spicy flavour that has melded seamlessly with the delicate wine and fruity flavours that Starward has become known for. These tropical and fruit-forward notes make Left-Field the perfect partner for cocktails and mixers and it is right at home on the dinner table, surrounded by good food (and good company).

Callum has always tried to change the way people think about drinks and make them accessible to anyone who’s game. After over a decade in the industry, Callum believes the whisky category is as diverse and exciting as it’s ever been. He enjoys pushing whisky further than existing beyond a fireside sipper.

Join Callum in this online event as he shares some delicious whisky cocktail recipes and demonstrates just how versatile whisky can be, whether you like it neat, mixed, shaken or spritzed.

Don't miss out on a new world of superb taste. Starward Left-Field is whisky done different.

The Paloma cocktail class, with el Jimador tequila

When - Saturday 7th August

Time - 16:00 for 30 minutes

Location - Your Home

Discover the versatility of el Jimador tequila and learn how to make Mexico’s number one cocktail in this virtual session with Daniele Umoette.

Created in 1994 and made using 100% blue Weber agave, el Jimador tequila was made to honour the Jimadores, who harvest the agave plant. A revolutionary in the tequila world, the el Jimador quickly became one of the best-selling agave tequila brands and is credited in its versatile drinking qualities. Often referred to as the ‘cousin of the Margarita’ and credited to the legendary Don Javier Delgado Corona, the Paloma cocktail is the number one cocktail in Mexico and is made using grapefruit, lime and tequila. Join Daniele Umoette as he reveals the versatility of this South American spirit and the easy twists you can make on the serve, before showing you how to make the famous Paloma, using el Jimador tequila.

Daniele Umoette started working behind the bar in Italy in 2003 and soon moved to London to pursue a career in hospitality. After bartending in venues such as Ronnie’s bar and the St Martin’s Lane hotel, he moved into the world of spirits, working for five years with premium vodka and gin brands. Most recently, Daniele has specialised in tequila, exploring the history of Mexico and what makes agave spirits exceptionally special.

What you need for the session

All things Martini and Gin with Konik's Tail and Edinburgh Gin

When - Saturday 7th August

Time - 17:00 for 60 minutes

Location - Your Home

A special Martini masterclass, with Konik’s Tail

Channel your inner James Bond and join Konik’s Tail Artisan Distiller, Pleurat Shabani and world-famous Dukes Bar bartender, Alessandro Palazzi for a virtual Martini masterclass.

A unique blend of hand malted grains including spelt, rye and wheat, gives Konik’s Tail vodka an earthy and peppery flavour that’s full of character and distinctly complex. Created in small batches by hand by Kosovo-born Pleurat Shabani, the vodka’s rich flavours are down to the early harvesting of the grains and exact distilling process, something Pleurat spent years honing to ensure the perfect finish. Celebrated bartender at Dukes Bar in London - notably Sir Ian Fleming’s favourite watering hole - Alessandro Palazzi is a master at making the perfect Martini. Join Pleurat and Alessandro together online in this very special masterclass and learn the magical story behind the Martini. You’ll discover whether you should really have your cocktail shaken and not stirred and hear top tips including how ‘wet’ a Martini should be, before making a delectable Martini for you to enjoy at home.

Born in Kosovo, Pleurat Shabani travelled to the UK as a young man and worked his way up from kitchen porter and glass collector to bartender, before becoming a spirit connoisseur, judging international awards. Deciding he wanted to create a vodka that was unique and wasn’t mass produced, Pleurat spent twenty years perfecting the ingredients and distillation process until Konik’s Tail was born.

Alessandro Palazzi is one of the most renowned bartenders in the industry. A bartender since 1975, Alessandro started his career in Italy before travelling to Paris and London and has worked at some of the world’s most prestigious and celebrated bars where customers come to see his skilfully-prepared cocktails.

Taste of Edinburgh, a gin masterclass

Discover how the ‘gin craze’ inspired Scotland’s Edinburgh Gin and the cocktail recipes to enjoy this summer in this online gin masterclass.

Based in Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh Gin have been producing a dynamic range of gins for every occasion since they launched in 2010. Inspired by Leith – the nearby port with an illustrious history of producing, importing and exporting gin dating back to the ‘gin craze’ of the 1700s – Edinburgh Gin creates London Dry gins that feature sophisticated combinations in gin liqueurs and flavoured gins that result in a classic and unmistakable London Dry. Join Brand Activation Manager, Michael Sim in this gin masterclass as he dives into the magic behind this Scottish gin brand and the tasty cocktail recipes to sip and enjoy this summer.

Edinburgh Gin’s Brand Activation Manager, Michael Sim, brings his knowledge of trends within the drinks industry to consumer experiences. He looks forward to introducing you to the wonder of Edinburgh Gin through these beautiful summer serves.

What you need for the session

Seasonal drinks with Cointreau The Botanist and Disaronno

When - Saturday 7th August

Time - 19:00 for 90 minutes

Location - Your Home

A cocktail masterclass with Cointreau

Join us for an exclusive tasting of Cointreau orange liqueur with the historic brand’s Master Distiller, Carole Quinton.

Dating back to 1849, French liqueur brand Cointreau has provided the foundation to many of the mouth-watering cocktails we drink today, including the Margarita and the Cosmopolitan. Unique in its square-bottled appearance and its heady orange scent, Cointreau offers more than just an aperitif and continues today to evolve its distinctly rich recipe. Join Contreau’s Global Brand Ambassador, Kevin Sueiro alongside Master Distiller, Carole Quinton as together they lead this exclusive online masterclass. Learn the top tips behind mixing classic cocktails at home before you jet off virtually to Acapulco and discover the recipe behind ‘The Original Margarita’ cocktail and the story of its creator, Margaret Sames. If that’s not enough, they will also reveal another iconic cocktail that’s perfect for gin lovers, too.

Master Distiller, Carole Quinton is the sixth generation to vouch for Cointreau’s inimitable flavour and unique savoir-faire and is also a spokesperson for Cointreau to press, distributors and mixologists around the world. Kevin Sueiro has been Cointreau’s Brand Ambassador since September 2019 and his goal is to make his brand stand out around the world. A true mixologist lover and former bartender, he always keeps an eye on the latest trends.

Discover The Botanist’s seasonal gin cocktails

Attention all gin enthusiasts - learn how to make a selection of seasonal cocktails with one of Scotland’s most exciting gin brands.

The Botanist is Islay’s very first dry gin, and it’s a real standout. 22 hand-foraged local botanicals are skillfully distilled with nine berries, barks, seeds and peels to make a gin that really captures the wild spirit and heart of the remote Scottish island. Join Brand Ambassador Abi Clephane as she explains the history and flavours that makes The Botanist Gin one to enjoy this summer.

Brand Ambassador for Bruichladdich Distillery, Abi Clephane is very established in the hospitality industry and has a passion for flavour and its endless possibilities. She loves experimenting with ingredients from around the world as much as those on her doorstep. Expect a focus on locality, wild plants and inspiring seasonal ingredients with her selection of delicious cocktails.

A cocktail showcase with Disaronno

Join us in this exclusive tasting session and explore the endless possibilities and rich history of Italy’s iconic Disaronno liqueur.

One of Italy’s most famous liqueurs, Disaronno captures the senses with its amber colour, rich aroma and incomparable Amaretto taste. Made in Italy and a mark of excellence for over 500 years, Disaronno continues to capture the imagination of stylish drinkers worldwide with its versatility and rich and diverse array of drinks. Join us online for this exclusive session where you’ll get the chance to explore the endless possibilities and rich history of this Italian icon. This event will be hosted by Disaronno’s knowledgeable global events team.

What you need for the session

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